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In this episode Harry speaks with Mike Peregudov. Mike Peregudov is the co-founder and CEO of Whizz, a NYC-based e bike rental service for delivery drivers. He's also a General Partner at, investing in values driven founders. Mike previously co-founded and led Partiya Edi, acquired by Yandex in 2020. His extensive experience includes top-tier positions in various industries.


  • 0:00 Intro
    2:11 How was the idea for Whizz discovered?
    4:20 How does Whizz work?
    6:25 What kinds of problems do ebikes have?
    7:57 Are riders interested in high quality bikes?
    10:51 What's it like to rent a bike from Whizz?
    12:48 What makes the New York market unique?
    14:42 How much does it cost to rent a Whizz bike?
    16:20 How do you pick up a bike?
    17:23 Where do you store the bike at night?
    18:49 What stops someone from stealing the bike?
    20:11 What is unique about the new bike models?
    25:12 Is it safe to deliver by bike in NYC?
    28:03 What is one way to make biking safer in NYC?
    30:53 What is the plan for Whizz's partnership with DoorDash?
    33:06 Why do delivery apps want to partner with vehicle providers?
    35:10 Where can you learn more about Whizz?

  • Mike's Linkedin:
    Whizz Website:
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In this episode Harry speaks with Tomáš Turek. Tomáš Turek is the CEO of Daytrip. Daytrip is a travel platform connecting travelers with local drivers and guides in 7,800+ cities worldwide. With a background in computer science and a degree in environmental management, Tomáš is a driving force in redefining travel experiences

0:00 Intro

1:37 What is Daytrip?

2:59 What is the most popular Daytrip?

3:56 How does Daytrip work?

6:17 Who are the drivers that use Daytrip?

8:16 How do they ensure quality drivers?

9:41 What is the experience for a driver?

14:04 How is Daytrip's US operation going?

15:53 How has Daytrip done so far in California?

18.24 What are some good use cases for Daytrip?

19:20 How does Daytrip compare in Europe vs US?

21.56 What are the benefits of one city vs between cities for Daytrip?

24:44 Has Daytrip tried working with cities?

26:56 What are some potential partnership opportunities?

28.51 How can you learn more about Daytrip?

Tomáš' Linkedin: Daytrip Website:

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In this episode Harry speaks with Frank Reig. Frank Reig is Revel's Co-Founder & CEO. He launched the company in 2018 with COO Paul Suhey, initially offering electric mopeds in Brooklyn. Since 2021, Revel has focused on expanding its EV fast charging network and all-electric rideshare service. Frank, a Columbia University graduate with an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, also previously worked as a chef in top NYC restaurants, like Gramercy Tavern.

0:00 Intro
2:15 What is Revel?
3:00 What’s the hardest part about Revel's business model?
5:30 Why Revel pivoted from mopeds to rideshare
9:25 Why did Revel go with an employee model for their drivers
13:30 How much do Revel drivers make?
21:00 How do Revel’s 3 depots work for charging and storing EVs?
28:10 Why EVs and rideshare are such a great fit
29:35 Frank’s thoughts on city and government EV initiatives/mandates
32:37 What’s most important to more EV adoption?
38:25 Where to connect with Frank

Frank’s Linkedin:

Revel -

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