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John Zimmer is the co-founder and President of Lyft. John’s mission with Lyft is to improve people’s lives by creating transportation and cities that are more affordable, sustainable, and community-oriented.

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Replay of the Everything Marketplaces Group Chat with Ilir Sela, who’s the Founder & CEO of Slice. Slice is redefining how people order pizza from local pizza shops.
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Today I’m speaking with Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. 

So Uber just made the big announcement recently that they’ll be rolling out upfront fares for drivers to most cities in the country over the next couple months. So drivers will now be able to see destination and earnings before they accept a trip, which is something drivers have been asking for a long time.

Blog - Uber Upfront Pricing Makes a Move Into New Markets

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Herb Coakley of Courial is our guest this week. "Created by on-demand gig workers for on-demand gig workers and busy folks everywhere, Courial is a technology company that connects couriers with individuals and businesses that need stuff delivered. As the only courier app for everything, we put you in control. Use our handy search engine to find anything you want from your favorite stores and let us handle your pickup and delivery. Time is the one commodity we can not replace, and these days most of us have very little of it to spare. Courial allows you to spend time doing what matters most, while we handle all your courier related needs."

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Sam Dogen started Financial Samurai in 2009, one of the largest independently-owned personal finance blogs with over 1 million pageviews a month. In 2012, Sam decided to fake retire at age 34, after spending 13 years working in the finance industry. He is the author of the new bestselling book, Buy This, Not That: How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom.

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James Heller is the CEO & Founder at Wrapify, the platform that pays gig-drivers to advertise on the road while giving brands the ability to be where they want anywhere in the US.

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Emil Michael is a strategic investor and advisor, currently serving as CEO of the blank check company DPCM Capital. From 2013-2017 Emil was Chief Business Officer at Uber where he led the company through a period of exponential growth.

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Alejandro Arbeláez Jaramillo, Regional General Manager - New Verticals Latam ViralCode 🤝 Beat,  joins Harry to talk about Beat Tesla and more. "Beat is a mobile app that transforms the way people move in their cities. We aspire to make urban landscapes a better place to live, re-imagining mobility solutions that are more efficient and user-friendly. Currently, Beat is the fastest growing app in Latin America."

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Doug Ver Mulm of Stable Insurance is today's guest. "Rideshare, carshare, and delivery vehicle owners need more than
just peace of mind from their insurance company. Stable is building
tools and additional services alongside its insurance product that
will help you more efficiently and profitably run your business."

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Rebecca Lock is founder/CEO of Kidcaboo.
"Kidcaboo is a children’s transportation solution that frees up busy parents so that they can build a career, enjoy more down time and spend time with their kids, rather than waiting for them."

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Matthew Iommi is the Co-founder and CEO of Fetii, a fast growing rideshare platform that aims to decongest cities and provide a superior transportation experience. Fetii utilizes a network of 15-passenger vans to move groups and businesses together, removing unnecessary vehicles off of the road and reducing congestion. As of 2022, Fetii has transported over 467,000 passengers and completed over 49,000 trips.

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So imagine you pull your smartphone out, open the Uber app, request the closer car and you look up and see a taxi. Sounds like a dream right? Or maybe a nightmare for some. Well, after a couple recent partnerships and big announcements, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do in the future on Uber. But how will it work and who will benefit?  Hansu Kim joins Harry to discuss.

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If you are a new Uber driver and not sure how to take your first ride or delivery, this is the episode for you. Join Harry as he does a "ride along" with Sachin Kansal, Uber's Vice President of Product Management, where they discuss Uber's learning center, how to get started driving for Uber and what it's like driving Uber for beginners.

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Sunil Paul is a serial entrepreneur and tech veteran with a background in electrical engineering, and brings more than 30 years of experience in tech and innovation to the global climate stage. He is the current co-founder and CEO of Spring Free EV, a startup that aims to electrify fleets across the country, with a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by one gigaton by the year 2030.

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"TC Sessions: Mobility is back and raring to go big — returning live and in-person — for its fourth consecutive year. It’s a two-day deep dive featuring the best, brightest and most intriguing founders, engineers, investors, regulators and technologists dedicated to transforming the way we move people and packages around the globe." ~
Our guest is Rebecca Bellan who covers all things transportation for TechCrunch. She is fascinated by the tech and the people behind how people move throughout cities, and is looking forward to reporting on the companies bringing sustainable mobility to the world.

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Will Coleman, CEO and cofounder of Alto, joins Harry for his third appearance on the podcast to give an update on what's going on with Alto.

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Abdul Kasim is the CEO at DisplayRide. He has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry delivering innovative solutions in telecom, networking, and education, globally. He is currently focused on developing security and safety solutions for the gig economy, especially for Rideshare, Fleet Rentals, and Peer 2 Peer Marketplaces.  DisplayRide has introduced the world's first purpose-built solution designed for Rideshare safety called the Rideshare Monitoring Platform

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Hear from Uber Eats’ Sachin Kansal, and one of the company’s top couriers, about how the company learned from the past two years, and what sort of adaptations we can expect as the delivery giant branches into new verticals.

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Luiz Gustavo is co-founder at StopClub, which is a vertical social network designed for gig workers. StopClub purpose is to connect the gig community to work better and safer, together. 

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Peter Evenson of Swoop and Moovs is here to talk about the private transportation industry and what it would take for a gig worker to go out on their own.

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Zach Rash is the CEO and Co-founder of Coco, a last-mile delivery service that deploys human-operated sidewalk robots to transport goods from merchants to their customers.

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Dillon Wagner is a former student of Rowan University in New Jersey who recently started a student transportation company called Wags Wheels LLC. Its goal is to provide safe and affordable transportation to students and staff on the university campus. When he is not working on Wags Wheels, Dillon is studying for his NJ real estate license.

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Dan Bratshpis is the CEO and co-founder of INSHUR, a New York-based next-gen, data-led technology insurtech that enables drivers to obtain quotes and receive coverage in minutes.

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Dennis Cinelli joined Uber in 2016 and is the Head of US&C Mobility at Uber. He is focused on re-imagining personal mobility and creating the best platform for flexible work. Prior to taking on his current role, Dennis was the Head of Strategic Finance at Uber, helping to take the company public in 2019. He also led Jump, Uber’s micro-mobility business. 

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Zack Ein, CEO at Grassdoor, shares insights into the cannabis delivery industry. Grassdoor is a cannabis delivery technology company that has developed a software application to help State law compliant retailers efficiently manage and deliver orders for cannabis products to their customers and patients.

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Nick Nanakos, Founder & CEO of ZIKI talks about how ZIKI is on a mission to be the fastest growing restaurant on the planet. They intend to do so through a lean expansion model, using dark modular kitchens and leveraging the power of technology, with operational excellence at the forefront of the model.

Taste the food of ZIKI for yourself at Curbivore 2022 Use Coupon Code FRIENDOFHARRY to save $100.

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Jason Tieri from The GIG Economy Podcast and Steve Johnson from Rideshare Rodeo join us today to reflect on the gig economy in 2021 and look forward to 2022.


Rideshare Rodeo Podcast

The GIG Economy Podcast on Apple

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