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"Today's consumer wants more than just face value. At Prizeout, we strive to constantly find space to give our users more value, more flexibility, and more impact for their money." ~From
Today's guest is David Metz, founder and CEO of Prizeout. 
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Nitin Gupta is a Silicon Valley PhD who worked as an engineer at Uber, Google, and Relcy. He created with Akash Agarwal (college friend), who worked at Deloitte and Verizon, among other firms.
Nitin and Akash quit their jobs to deliver on major delivery apps like Uber and Instacart, made more than 1,000 deliveries to learn the industry from the ground up.
Nitin built to solve for all these pain points by leveraging the experiences and data from drivers across all the different apps they serve.
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Today I’ll be chatting with the CEO of Stride Health, Noah Lang. Noah and the team at Stride are good friends of mine and one of RSG’s first partners. Over the years, we’ve sent thousands of workers their way to sign up for their free mileage tracking app and healthcare. I’m a big fan of this company and what’s best is that their service on the healthcare side is actually free.

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