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Cubivore is almost here! It will take place in Downtown LA Friday, March 3 ยท 8am - 9pm PST.  Jonah Bliss joins Harry for an insiders look at Curbivore as we anxiously await its arrival.

Jonah Bliss spent his career scaling mobility startups like Turo and Evelo, followed by working in the content and events space. He combined those passions when he started Curbivore and eventually convinced Harry to join him.

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Deloss Pickett, co-founder and CEO of Bib Technologies, is our guest today. "Our mission is to create new ways for businesses to connect with consumers through sustainable mobile platforms. Founded by Tesla, SpaceX, and Red Bull alums. Based in Los Angeles, our team is dedicated to positively impacting the environment and helping businesses thrive in the process." 
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