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Tiya Gordon is the co-founder of itselectric, which is curbside charging for the 40 million drivers who park on the street. itselectric partners with city property owners to unlock access to untapped electricity supply while they earn passive income. 

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Larry P. Smith is a consumer attorney, concentrating his practice in the areas of Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices violations as well as consumer fraud claims and lemon law. He is the Managing Partner at SmithMarco, P.C.


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Kelly Ferguson is Chief of Staff at Automotus, a curb management company on a mission to create safer, more efficient, and more sustainable streets that work for everyone. Kelly draws upon 15+ years of experience in new product development, public/private partnerships, community engagement, and emerging technology deployments. Kelly has supported Automotus curbside analytics and Smart Loading Zones rollouts in LA, Pittsburgh, Omaha and more.

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