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In this episode Harry speaks with Andries Smit. Andries is an experienced entrepreneur and investment professional, and has recently taken on the role of Vice President of New Ventures at inDrive. In his capacity, Smit leads the New Ventures unit, focusing on investing in companies that challenge injustice, show potential for global expansion, and are in the post-seed/pre-Series A stage.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:40 What is inDrive?
  • 6:15 How did Andries discover inDrive?
  • 8:30 What is the mission of inDrive?
  • 10:49 What are Andries thoughts on mobility ventures?
  • 13:34 How does Andries view the different arms on inDrive?
  • 15:10 What are some of the details of inDrive's ventures?
  • 16:30 What value does inDrive get from its ventures?
  •  23:30 What are inDrive's plan for future markets?
  •  34:34 Where can you learn more?


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In this episode Harry speaks with David Zipper. David Zipper is a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Taubman Center, focusing on the intersection of urban policy and new mobility technologies. He has extensive experience in urban development, having worked in city hall, as a venture capitalist, and as a policy researcher. David is a Contributing Writer at Bloomberg CityLab and has held influential roles in Washington DC and New York City, promoting entrepreneurship and economic development.

  • 0:00 Intro
    7:47 Why did David want to write an article about robotaxis/rideshare?
    9:48 How does David define sustainability?
    11:55 What will be the biggest impact of robotaxis?
    19:25 Why does public transit struggle to compete with rideshare?
    22:21 What do robotaxi companies claim?
    26:38 Why does the claim of better safety fail?
    30:00 What will the robotaxi business model be?
    36:46 Will the trade offs with robotaxis be worth it?
    39:27 Where can you find more from David?


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In this episode Harry speaks with Juan Proaño. Juan Proaño is the CEO and co-founder of His diverse background from both the technology and automotive sectors helped him launch the Autority platform, which helps car owners in Latin America to manage their vehicle payments in one place.

  • 0:00 Intro
    1:33 How did Juan get the idea for Autority?
    6:11 What makes Ecuador a unique place to operate in?
    8:27 Where is Juan finding customers and partners?
    13:25 What are the top selling products for Autority?
    19:30 How does Autority make money?
    20:30 What is the future of Autority?
    24:35 Are Uber drivers using Autority?
    28:15 How would Autority work in the US?
    32:31 Where can you find Juan?
  • Autority:
  • Juans' Linkedin:

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In this episode Harry speaks with Mike Peregudov. Mike Peregudov is the co-founder and CEO of Whizz, a NYC-based e bike rental service for delivery drivers. He's also a General Partner at, investing in values driven founders. Mike previously co-founded and led Partiya Edi, acquired by Yandex in 2020. His extensive experience includes top-tier positions in various industries.


  • 0:00 Intro
    2:11 How was the idea for Whizz discovered?
    4:20 How does Whizz work?
    6:25 What kinds of problems do ebikes have?
    7:57 Are riders interested in high quality bikes?
    10:51 What's it like to rent a bike from Whizz?
    12:48 What makes the New York market unique?
    14:42 How much does it cost to rent a Whizz bike?
    16:20 How do you pick up a bike?
    17:23 Where do you store the bike at night?
    18:49 What stops someone from stealing the bike?
    20:11 What is unique about the new bike models?
    25:12 Is it safe to deliver by bike in NYC?
    28:03 What is one way to make biking safer in NYC?
    30:53 What is the plan for Whizz's partnership with DoorDash?
    33:06 Why do delivery apps want to partner with vehicle providers?
    35:10 Where can you learn more about Whizz?

  • Mike's Linkedin:
    Whizz Website:
  • Get 30% off using this link!
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In this episode Harry speaks with Tomáš Turek. Tomáš Turek is the CEO of Daytrip. Daytrip is a travel platform connecting travelers with local drivers and guides in 7,800+ cities worldwide. With a background in computer science and a degree in environmental management, Tomáš is a driving force in redefining travel experiences

0:00 Intro

1:37 What is Daytrip?

2:59 What is the most popular Daytrip?

3:56 How does Daytrip work?

6:17 Who are the drivers that use Daytrip?

8:16 How do they ensure quality drivers?

9:41 What is the experience for a driver?

14:04 How is Daytrip's US operation going?

15:53 How has Daytrip done so far in California?

18.24 What are some good use cases for Daytrip?

19:20 How does Daytrip compare in Europe vs US?

21.56 What are the benefits of one city vs between cities for Daytrip?

24:44 Has Daytrip tried working with cities?

26:56 What are some potential partnership opportunities?

28.51 How can you learn more about Daytrip?

Tomáš' Linkedin: Daytrip Website:

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In this episode Harry speaks with Frank Reig. Frank Reig is Revel's Co-Founder & CEO. He launched the company in 2018 with COO Paul Suhey, initially offering electric mopeds in Brooklyn. Since 2021, Revel has focused on expanding its EV fast charging network and all-electric rideshare service. Frank, a Columbia University graduate with an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, also previously worked as a chef in top NYC restaurants, like Gramercy Tavern.

0:00 Intro
2:15 What is Revel?
3:00 What’s the hardest part about Revel's business model?
5:30 Why Revel pivoted from mopeds to rideshare
9:25 Why did Revel go with an employee model for their drivers
13:30 How much do Revel drivers make?
21:00 How do Revel’s 3 depots work for charging and storing EVs?
28:10 Why EVs and rideshare are such a great fit
29:35 Frank’s thoughts on city and government EV initiatives/mandates
32:37 What’s most important to more EV adoption?
38:25 Where to connect with Frank

Frank’s Linkedin:

Revel -

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In this episode Harry speaks with Justin Spratt. Justin is Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at Vay, the leading remote driving (teledriving) company. He joined from Uber, where he was Head of Global Strategic Partnerships and focused on deals with automotive OEMs, vehicle fleet operators, vehicle battery technology companies and electrification infrastructure providers. At Vay, he focuses on business and corporate development and works on relationships with strategic partners.
Justin built the first startup incubator in Africa in 2002 and has been mentoring founders of technology startups for over ten years. He is an angel investor in software technology and holds board positions in some of these companies.

0:00 Intro
2:25 Why Justin joined Vay
5:20 Use case for Vay
9:13 Vay's timeline
12:14 Vay's scale
17:21 Details of subscription model
24:31 Details of how Vay will work
29:13 Autonomy for Vay
34:26 Biggest challenge with Vay
40:13 How Vay will work with cities
44:11 Teledriving
46:33 Future of teledriving
50:15 Where to find Justin


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In this episode Harry speaks with Emil Michael. Emil is the CEO of DPCM Capital and former Chief Business Officer of Uber. He served as CEO Travis Kalanick's right-hand-man, helping the company raise nearly $15 billion from key investors worldwide. By 2018, Uber became the world's most valued private technology company and had raised the most money of any private start-up in history.

Emil Michael Linkedin:

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In this episode Harry talks with Jose Fernández. Jose is currently the Founder and CEO of Bankuish, a technology platform dedicated to helping gig workers and freelancers reach the next tier of financial security. Formerly he was Co-founder & President of FiClub, Co-Founder & President of Atlas, Co-founder & Chief Economist of Access Network and Managing Partner of GCH Partners. He was also Head of International Cooperation & Co-Founder of Ciudadanos--the fourth political power in Spain. With Ciudadanos, Jos gave a voice to his nation's struggling families as the party's Speaker and candidate to the European Parliament and local elections.

0:00 Intro

2:07 What is Bankuish?

3:25 Benefits of Bankuish 4-21 About the Latin network

7:40 US vs Latin interest rates

10:40 Bankuish credit score criteria

15:30 Why gig workers should be well trusted

16:05 Bankuish in the US

18:10 Big markets in Latin America

20:58 Bankuish partnerships

23:17 Bankuish platform benefits

27:25 Ways to expand on Bankuish's connections

31:50 Where to learn more about Bankuish

32:49 Questions for Harry

Linkedin: US



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In this episode Harry talks with Justin Gordan. Justin is the founder of Just Go Grind, which helps people build companies through founder and investor interviews and connects founders with a 80+ member founder community. He is also the former Director of Marketing for VITALIZE Venture Capital. VITALIZE Venture Capital invests in seed-stage future of work companies out of our venture found and pre-seed companies out of our VITALIZE Angels community.

0:00 Intro

1:54 What is Just Go Grind

5:52 What don't people know about Travis Kalanick

7:35 Justin's thoughts on founder drive

13:36 Getting most info on founders from their early days

15:45 Biggest takeaway from Travis

20:32 Travis' relationship with drivers

22:50 Uber's lack of loyalty

25:19 Thoughts on Super Pumped

26:40 What would Justin change about Travis

28:06 Did Uber need Travis

31:41 Uber compared to other startups

33:45 Travis' reputation

36:55 Questions for Harry

40:30 Where to find Justin



Just Go Grind:

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In this episode Harry shares his thoughts on the Acquired Podcast's interview with Dara Khosrowshahi. They discuss the number of drivers, driver pay, driver oversaturation, take rate, taxi partnerships in the future as well as Uber Eats vs Doordash.

0:00 Intro

4:04 Number of Drivers

6:02 Driver Pay

10:47 Macro: Driver Oversaturation

16:37 Take Rate

21:35 Taxi Partnerships in the Future

25:38 Uber Eats vs Doordash

Check out  @AcquiredFM 's full interview with Dara Khosrowshahi here:

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In this episode Harry speaks with Colin. Colin is a startup advisor with 10+ years in consumer tech, as well as an early employee at Outdoorsy. Harry and Colin discuss Outdoorsy, the AirBnB equivalent for RVs, as well as how Colin's learnings from Outdoorsy can be applied to other rideshare/marketplace businesses.

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Join Harry Campbell as he sits down to talk with DoorDash's CEO, Tony Xu where they talk about the history of DoorDash and how the new updates that were just announced this week.

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Chris Taylor, former Uber and Bird employee, now founder of Nomad Ventures.  An early stage venture fund investing in pre-seed and seed market place businesses. 


Chris is using his personal and team’s experience to invest in the future marketplaces of the world!


Intro to Chris Taylor

  • Former Uber and Bird Employee

  • Founder of Nomad Ventures

  • Specializes in finding and building new and revolutionary marketplaces


Nomad Ventures:

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Despite the naysayers, the economy continues to grow at a rapid pace, giving workers plenty of options. What are the tools that delivery and gig platforms need to offer workers to stay competitive, ensuring a good experience for the people that power delivery? Check out this panel from Curbivore.

Hantz Fevry - Founder & CEO, Stoovo

Piers Mainwaring - Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Everee

David Pickerell - CEO, Para

Nav Chadha - VP, Spark Driver Platform, Walmart

Jackie Davalos - Technology Reporter, Bloomberg (Moderator)

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Nick Adler is the Chief Operating Officer at Found where he's helping build a modern financial platform for one of the largest, most underserved segments of the U.S. economy - the self-employed worker. His career spans the restaurant and retail spaces. Perhaps most familiar to this audience, Nick previously served as Head of Market Operations for Caviar where he led a team of 100+ people, and was responsible for Caviar's local market strategy, restaurant sales, restaurant account management, courier fleet growth, and overall quality.

Go to and get $25 when you open a new Found account and spend at least $100 within the first 30 days.

Free help for listeners:

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Curbivore 2023 was a success!  Take a listen to the replay of our opening panel.  Hear from Uber Eats’ David Meers, and one of the company’s top partners, about how the company is pushing “eats” beyond just restaurant cuisine, and what it means for both sides of the platform. Followed by an Uber product announcement.
David Meers - Head of Grocery + Retail Fulfillment Products, Uber
Mariana - Local Courier Turned Shopper
Kabir Jain - Chief Growth Officer, Erewhon Market 

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Cubivore is almost here! It will take place in Downtown LA Friday, March 3 · 8am - 9pm PST.  Jonah Bliss joins Harry for an insiders look at Curbivore as we anxiously await its arrival.

Jonah Bliss spent his career scaling mobility startups like Turo and Evelo, followed by working in the content and events space. He combined those passions when he started Curbivore and eventually convinced Harry to join him.

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Deloss Pickett, co-founder and CEO of Bib Technologies, is our guest today. "Our mission is to create new ways for businesses to connect with consumers through sustainable mobile platforms. Founded by Tesla, SpaceX, and Red Bull alums. Based in Los Angeles, our team is dedicated to positively impacting the environment and helping businesses thrive in the process." 
Find comprehensive show notes at

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Tiya Gordon is the co-founder of itselectric, which is curbside charging for the 40 million drivers who park on the street. itselectric partners with city property owners to unlock access to untapped electricity supply while they earn passive income. 

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Larry P. Smith is a consumer attorney, concentrating his practice in the areas of Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices violations as well as consumer fraud claims and lemon law. He is the Managing Partner at SmithMarco, P.C.


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Kelly Ferguson is Chief of Staff at Automotus, a curb management company on a mission to create safer, more efficient, and more sustainable streets that work for everyone. Kelly draws upon 15+ years of experience in new product development, public/private partnerships, community engagement, and emerging technology deployments. Kelly has supported Automotus curbside analytics and Smart Loading Zones rollouts in LA, Pittsburgh, Omaha and more.

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