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In this episode Harry speaks with Justin Spratt. Justin is Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at Vay, the leading remote driving (teledriving) company. He joined from Uber, where he was Head of Global Strategic Partnerships and focused on deals with automotive OEMs, vehicle fleet operators, vehicle battery technology companies and electrification infrastructure providers. At Vay, he focuses on business and corporate development and works on relationships with strategic partners.
Justin built the first startup incubator in Africa in 2002 and has been mentoring founders of technology startups for over ten years. He is an angel investor in software technology and holds board positions in some of these companies.

0:00 Intro
2:25 Why Justin joined Vay
5:20 Use case for Vay
9:13 Vay's timeline
12:14 Vay's scale
17:21 Details of subscription model
24:31 Details of how Vay will work
29:13 Autonomy for Vay
34:26 Biggest challenge with Vay
40:13 How Vay will work with cities
44:11 Teledriving
46:33 Future of teledriving
50:15 Where to find Justin


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In this episode Harry speaks with Emil Michael. Emil is the CEO of DPCM Capital and former Chief Business Officer of Uber. He served as CEO Travis Kalanick's right-hand-man, helping the company raise nearly $15 billion from key investors worldwide. By 2018, Uber became the world's most valued private technology company and had raised the most money of any private start-up in history.

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