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Chris Sweis, CEO of Yellow Cab of San Francisco, joins Harry to talk all things taxi: how he got into the business, how much drivers can make, the future of taxis, and more. 

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Steve Hornyak is BrightDrop’s Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for developing the company’s sales and marketing strategy, partnering with customers to grow a new delivery ecosystem. BrightDrop's mission is to decarbonize the last mile through smarter, safer, and more efficient ways of delivering goods and services.

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Nav is the vice president of the Spark Driver Platform, Walmart's proprietary delivery network that provides opportunities for thousands of independent contractors to make deliveries for Walmart and other retailers through Walmart Go Local. Nav joined Walmart in 2017 as a founding member of the Last Mile Team.

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Shamus Hayes is head of Strategy, Driver Experience & Education at RideShare Carz. He spent the previous 20 years in Chicago as a Banking & Financial Services Executive before joining RideShare Carz. As a part of the team that created RideShare Carz, his focus is creating a superior customer experience, enhancing driver education and scaling the business.

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