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Emil Michael is a strategic investor and advisor, currently serving as CEO of the blank check company DPCM Capital. From 2013-2017 Emil was Chief Business Officer at Uber where he led the company through a period of exponential growth.

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Alejandro Arbeláez Jaramillo, Regional General Manager - New Verticals Latam ViralCode 🤝 Beat,  joins Harry to talk about Beat Tesla and more. "Beat is a mobile app that transforms the way people move in their cities. We aspire to make urban landscapes a better place to live, re-imagining mobility solutions that are more efficient and user-friendly. Currently, Beat is the fastest growing app in Latin America."

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Doug Ver Mulm of Stable Insurance is today's guest. "Rideshare, carshare, and delivery vehicle owners need more than
just peace of mind from their insurance company. Stable is building
tools and additional services alongside its insurance product that
will help you more efficiently and profitably run your business."

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Rebecca Lock is founder/CEO of Kidcaboo.
"Kidcaboo is a children’s transportation solution that frees up busy parents so that they can build a career, enjoy more down time and spend time with their kids, rather than waiting for them."

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