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Matthew Iommi is the Co-founder and CEO of Fetii, a fast growing rideshare platform that aims to decongest cities and provide a superior transportation experience. Fetii utilizes a network of 15-passenger vans to move groups and businesses together, removing unnecessary vehicles off of the road and reducing congestion. As of 2022, Fetii has transported over 467,000 passengers and completed over 49,000 trips.

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So imagine you pull your smartphone out, open the Uber app, request the closer car and you look up and see a taxi. Sounds like a dream right? Or maybe a nightmare for some. Well, after a couple recent partnerships and big announcements, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do in the future on Uber. But how will it work and who will benefit?  Hansu Kim joins Harry to discuss.

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If you are a new Uber driver and not sure how to take your first ride or delivery, this is the episode for you. Join Harry as he does a "ride along" with Sachin Kansal, Uber's Vice President of Product Management, where they discuss Uber's learning center, how to get started driving for Uber and what it's like driving Uber for beginners.

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Sunil Paul is a serial entrepreneur and tech veteran with a background in electrical engineering, and brings more than 30 years of experience in tech and innovation to the global climate stage. He is the current co-founder and CEO of Spring Free EV, a startup that aims to electrify fleets across the country, with a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by one gigaton by the year 2030.

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