The Rideshare Guy Podcast

In this episode Harry speaks with Jose Carlos Aguilar. Jose is the Director of Operations at MI NAVE. MI NAVE has the best vehicles to work with all Mobility Apps such as DiDi, UBER, Cabify and many more.


  • 0:00 Intros
  • 2:30 What is rideshare like outside the US?
  • 6:25 Why is Latin America exciting for Uber?
  • 10:00 How do take rates compare?
  • 13:15 How is it different for drivers?
  • 21:10 Why is Brazil a good market?
  • 23:49 How does InDrive fit into the market?
  • 26:51 How does a cash economy affect the industry?
  • 30:50 How does the negotiation model work?
  • 37:37 What does Jose think of regulations?
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