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In this episode Harry speaks with Rilwan Lawal. Rilwan is the founder and CEO of GigEasy, which provides insurance for the gig economy. Before that he was the cofounder and COO for Neu.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:25 What is GigEasy?
  • 5:30 Who would use GigEasy?
  • 7:30 What does it include?
  • 9:20 What partnerships does GigEasy have?
  • 16:30 Does GigEasy have any specialty insurance?
  • 22:00 What is the government doing related to gig insurance?
  • 29:00 Where can you find Rilwan?

  • GigEasy:
  • Rilwan's LinkedIn:
  • Rilwan's Email:
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