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In this episode Harry speaks with Andries Smit. Andries is an experienced entrepreneur and investment professional, and has recently taken on the role of Vice President of New Ventures at inDrive. In his capacity, Smit leads the New Ventures unit, focusing on investing in companies that challenge injustice, show potential for global expansion, and are in the post-seed/pre-Series A stage.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:40 What is inDrive?
  • 6:15 How did Andries discover inDrive?
  • 8:30 What is the mission of inDrive?
  • 10:49 What are Andries thoughts on mobility ventures?
  • 13:34 How does Andries view the different arms on inDrive?
  • 15:10 What are some of the details of inDrive's ventures?
  • 16:30 What value does inDrive get from its ventures?
  •  23:30 What are inDrive's plan for future markets?
  •  34:34 Where can you learn more?


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