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In this episode Harry talks with Jose Fernández. Jose is currently the Founder and CEO of Bankuish, a technology platform dedicated to helping gig workers and freelancers reach the next tier of financial security. Formerly he was Co-founder & President of FiClub, Co-Founder & President of Atlas, Co-founder & Chief Economist of Access Network and Managing Partner of GCH Partners. He was also Head of International Cooperation & Co-Founder of Ciudadanos--the fourth political power in Spain. With Ciudadanos, Jos gave a voice to his nation's struggling families as the party's Speaker and candidate to the European Parliament and local elections.

0:00 Intro

2:07 What is Bankuish?

3:25 Benefits of Bankuish 4-21 About the Latin network

7:40 US vs Latin interest rates

10:40 Bankuish credit score criteria

15:30 Why gig workers should be well trusted

16:05 Bankuish in the US

18:10 Big markets in Latin America

20:58 Bankuish partnerships

23:17 Bankuish platform benefits

27:25 Ways to expand on Bankuish's connections

31:50 Where to learn more about Bankuish

32:49 Questions for Harry

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